Thursday, October 22, 2009

Salamanca Market

Set between graceful old trees and historic sandstone buildings just off the Wharf, Hobart's world famous Salamanca Market is the place to be. Freshly ground coffee, organic vegetables, international food to satisfy every taste, awesome home-made ice cream (pure Tasmanian!), crafts and other treats draw thousands of visitors to this vibrant place every Saturday of the year.
Some come to buy, some to just to have a stroll through the many markets, or to lazily read their books under the trees, enjoying the lively folk songs of the the talented Arauco Libre.
Or to get goosebumps listening to the Scottish pipe bands..
Some to make a statement..
Fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers are always in abundance.
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Come try on some "pre-loved" clothing if you want..
Or buy a new hat..
Or juggle if you dare..
Some of the pictures on this posting were taken by my dear friend Ilse Sfreddo. We were very grateful to be blessed with a sunny Salamanca morning before Ilse and her husband Sandro returned to South Africa. How lucky I am to have found a friend like her. We could be light years removed form each other, but she somehow manages to travel through time and space and creep right into my heart. And distance has never made any difference. In fact, it brought us closer. She travelled right around the world to spend time with me at the worst possible time of the year, blizzards blazing, but we did not allow that to dampen our spirits! So happy to see her, so sad she did not get to experience the true beauty of Tassie through all the rain. So fortunate to be called a friend of this beautiful, warm, special creature!

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