Saturday, October 17, 2009


Sooo, we were just thinking. On 3 October it was our anniversary. Nine months in Tasmania. Wow, how time flies! It takes a human fetus 9 months to develop before being born into this world. So what did we achieve in 9 months?

  • Moved to a place we have never set foot on before . A place where the colour of the water and air is indescribable. Pretty daring. Pretty crazy, coming to think of it. But moving here was a leap of faith.
  • Moved into temporary accommodation. One living area, max 9 squares. With 3 teenagers. Nearly committed murder. Or suicide. Or a combination thereof.
  • Left some amazing friends back in sunny South Africa :-(
  • Made awesome new friends in Tasmania!
  • Moved into a new house (sans heating, WTF, how did we miss THAT? Two relatively intelligent people, looking like idiots..).
  • Sold our house in Herold's Bay. Whaaaaaaaaaaa! One of the saddest days of our lives.
  • Started noticing the almost-daily dose of rainbows.
  • Found a new primary school, secondary school and college for the 3 teenagers. SO grateful that it all worked out.
  • Bought a new car. Camry, eeeeeuw, I have vowed NEVER EVER EVER to do that to myself. Still can't believe it!
  • Started a new job. Started learning Aussie slang to understand what is being said in the new job.
  • Started using public transport. Quantum leap!
  • Started flying (Marius, again, Ryno and I, from scratch).
  • Went to Melbourne on our BMW 1200 GS motorcycle a couple of times.
  • Drove all the way up to Brisbane on the motorcycle in freezing winter weather. Froze our backsides off. Fell off. Got back on.
  • Sold the motorcycle. Will we ever have a BMW1200 GS again? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I am DEVASTATED! Mmm, certain people apparently came to his senses and realised that I was right after all, sounds like there is a new one on order.
  • Flew to Gold Coast with the kids. Had an awesome, adrenalin-filled, few days. Had our photo's taken with superheroes and movie stars.Published a book (yeah, just Google Marius Neser. Impressive! Hold thumbs for the royalties to start rolling in!). Appears that a second hand copy is more valuable than a new copy. So it is like old wine, I guess.
  • Bought a kayak. Sans heating. AGAIN??? Advertised the kayak.
  • Changed our cooking style. Started cooking more Asian food. Yumm! Pity the merchandise in SA is so limited in that department.
  • Loaded our vehicle on the Ferry at Kettering and went to Bruny Island. Three times. Three times more than some people who have lived here all their lives. Weird.
  • Crossed the Bass Strait, renowned for its treacherous swells and sinking ships, three times in the Spirit of Tasmania, and three times per plane. (Boeing this time around, thank you kind sir)!
  • Bid our beloved Fat Cat farewell. Chatted with Fat Cat on Skype. Laughed at his puzzled expression.
  • Started a blog. Hopefully a blog of note, so that our beloved ones scattered all over the world can at least feel a bit closer to us..

Thanked God for blessing us in so many ways!

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