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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rainbows on Sapphire Beach

 Marius fishing on Sapphire Beach:
 We returned home on Monday night and decided to stroll down to the beach to see if we can catch something. As the sun started setting, a magnificent rainbow formed over Split Solitary Island. The turquoois water, the sunlight catching the top of the island and the headland next to us, and this massive, extraordinarily bright rainbow created a magical play of colours.

We only had the little Panasonic Lumix with us (in this place you never leave home without your camera). Sadly, I could not move back far enough to capture the entire, full bow. Two of them, actually!

I stood there at one stage thinking "this is what Heaven must look like".

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Old Mill, Oatlands, Tasmania

The old mill in the beautiful historic Oatlands has recently been restored. Oatlands is considered to have the largest number of colonial sandstone buildings in any town in Australia.

Cenotaph, Hobart, Tasmania

Friday, February 4, 2011

No Photoshop, just nature...

Kayla actually took this picture on Blackmans Bay beach, Tasmania! Some of the sharpness has been lost as the original has been resized. I adjusted the saturation slightly so that the spirals on the heart are more evident..

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Moonee Beach

Moonee Beach has a large estuary that pushes up inland for a few kilometers.

This part of the estuary is an easy 3 minute walk down the road from our house.

The best way to explore the estuary is by kayak.

Marius rowing in the estuary after dropping me off..

Gone fishing..

Marius cooling down in translucent water after a brisk morning walk. What a life.

Coffs Harbour Jetty

A giant sandcastle competition was held as part of the Festival Of Sails. The Jetty can be seen in the background.

Ryno and Kayla's school is called Jetty High. It is a short walk from there.

Lots to do around the jetty. Excellent selection of restaurants on the jetty strip. People taking a leisurely stroll or swimming, fireworks on New Years Eve. Or getting some adrenaline by jumping from it into the cool waters below..

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