Saturday, October 24, 2009

The beautiful Coles Bay, Wineglass Bay and Freycinet National Park.

Thanks to a very generous family who blessed us by offering us their home in Coles Bay, we were able to enjoy this view from the deck before sunset..
and see the pink granite colours of the Hazards range change colour again in the morning.
The Hazards range (named after a captain of a whaling ship) consist of Mt. Mayson, Mt. Amos (early settler), Mt. Dove, Mt. Baudin (French Explorer), Mt. Parsons (established the fisheries in 1920). There are several walking tracks - take the walking track between Mount Mason and Mount Amos, and you are treated with a view of Wineglass Bay, rated one of the top ten beaches in the world.
The walking tracks are made easy with steps:
and plenty resting spots for weary travellers.
Going up the mountain, it is not strange to cross paths with elderly people. The one gentleman we spoke to is 92 years old!
There are some awesome rock formations on the way up. Rock-monsters kissing:
Trees in interesting shapes:
Monster faces and monster feet in the sand..
Explore Freycinet National Park - elements of nature that can take your breath away.
And cool down at the world renowned Freycinet Lodge afterwards.
Some of the pictures on this posting were taken by Ilse Sfreddo.


  1. ..Lovely pictures!
    ..Each is beautiful and great shot!

  2. Thank you! Coming from somebody as talented as yourself, it is a great compliment!