Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Marius, Ryno, Kayla and I drove up north to George Town on Sunday to do some flying. Schweeeet airfield!
Marius is in the process of renewing his licence and has been flying Sport Cruizer, Jabiru and Cessna since we arrived in Tasmania. His maneuvers clearly made Eugene Reid (President of Recreational Aviation Australia (RA-AUS)) scratch his head wondering where to start with somebody who hasn't flown in 10 years!
Ryno and I did our first pilot training. It was awesome! The Jabiru 120 is a great little aircraft.
Ryno and I are being instructed by Phil - a very patient, funny, cool guy.
Note the little wooden blocks under my feet - My legs are too short! Marius has been calling me Pinocchio since.. AND I had to sit on a cushion!!! It was the joke of the year, of course..
Phil with my cushion haha..
And they're airborne!!
Note the new pilot celebrating with a piece of Biltong..
The "ground staff" had to entertain themselves in the meantime.
It turned out to be a beautiful day. The sea had this amazing deep blue colour, changing to emerald along the shoreline. How blessed we are!

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