Sunday, December 13, 2009

Flyboys: Then and now

It was 7 December 1968, 41 years ago. Marius' dad, Paul Neser, was in his heydays as fighter pilot for the South African air force. He had just returned from a test flight and is walking hand in hand with Anton (left) and Marius (right). Handsome boys!
It was Paul and Sheila's 9th wedding anniversary on the day the photo was taken. This year we were blessed to have them with us in Tasmania on 7 December for their 50th anniversary - what an achievement!
In the picture below, Marius is seriously contemplating his plans of becoming a pilot one day. Anton is staring into the distance, probably planning to rather become an HR executive and make more money than his dad..
Fast forward. The serious discussions were followed through. Four decades later - Marius and Paul getting ready to go up in the air.
This time around Sheila (Ouma Kwakkie) assisted with the preflight checks ;-)
I know this meant a lot to both of them - one of those memories that will last forever..


  1. Fantastic to see!! The days when pilots were trained and paid to actually fly machines by hand instead of by push button and electronic control. More, more, more.......please?

  2. Regards interesting image from photos of Imagination Creativity and José Ramón