Saturday, November 14, 2009

Oupa and Ouma's visit: Huonville

What a nice day to visit Huonville and Geeveston, two of the Southern towns of Tasmania. Summer colours everywhere. Visited our dear friends Justin and Stephanie Jagger at home..
Bought some apples at the "honesty box"..
This picture was taken by Paul Neser Took pictures of some very strange beasts, some apparent remnant from the Viking era ;-) - Can anybody tell me what these are? Ouma Kwakkie is smaller than the statues carved from Huon Pine. The valley was a bit hazy so it is a bit difficult to see "Sleeping Beauty". If you look closely you can see her lying on her back, with her arms folded across her chest. Everything is so green at the moment after all the rains:


  1. thank you very,very much,your pictures telling interesting storis too :)

  2. ..great and original photographs! very ingenious, and each picture unique..:)

  3. Thank you, I feel so blessed to get comments from such talented photographers!