Monday, May 11, 2009

Bruny Weekend

Bruny Island is around the corner from Hobart. You leave from Kettering, taking a 15 minute ferry to Roberts Point. It actually consists of two islands joined by a narrow isthmus, "The Neck". Standing on a staircase with the D'Entrecasteaux channel on your right, flat like a mirror with black swans calmly drifting by, and the wild Tasman sea on your left, it is simply awesome. Forestry Tasmania owns a property in Adventure Bay and we were lucky enough to be able to book it for Mother's Day weekend (it is almost always fully booked). This is the view from the front porch.

Adventure Bay is really beautiful - look at the colour of the water!

Unfortunately it was raining quite hard on Saturday, but it did not dampen our spirits! We played 30 Seconds and card games, made a big fire in the fireplace, and overindulged, of course.
We also enjoyed some REAL BOEREWORS rolls, something we have really been missing since both boerewors and rolls are a rare treat out here! Marius imported some Boerewors from Burnie when he went there for business the other day - apparently it is the only place in Tasmania where you can get authentic boerewors. It is classified as "gourmet" sausages here (with the accompanying delicatessen price ;-) but it was all worth it.
Sunday awaited us with a glorious sun-filled day and we were able to show our friends, the Pettits, some of the awesome sights. The boys went fishing and this time brought the calamari with them. Marius cooked it to perfection - he is still the best cook ever when it comes to fish and meat. We would have loved to carry on fishing but had to run as the ferry nearly left without us. How fortunate we are to stay in such a beautiful place!

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  1. ...bly om te sien dat 'n "stukkie" wors nog vir "Blertsie" kan trigger!! Lyk wonderlik daar en ons mis julle VREESLIK!!