Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tuna Fishin!

With the waters around Tazzie being so clear and pure, fishing is BEEEEG here. And, of course, it is a sin not to own a boat. Marius and his "mates" have been fishing a bit off the rocks but have mainly been catching squid and some other ugly fish with an unpronounceable name. No worries, mate, just charter a boat!
Spirits were high as I dropped hubby off at 05:00 for the joyous event, Eski in hand. What, you don't know what Eski means? It is Aussie for "Cooler Box". But don't get the wrong idea, the cooler box was not filled with beer, it was intended for the big fish they were meaning to catch.
The day turned out to be a historical event, for two reasons: 1. The men caught some of the biggest tuna they have ever seen alive. 2. Marius realised how grateful he is for choosing a career other than fishing.
My poor hubby experienced only the first 30 minutes of the event - the rest of the time was spent on a bench looking like a contortionist - intestines violently churning with seasickness! Look at the pic, he can barely muster a grin for the camera, shame..
Back at home that evening, he had to be nursed back to health with some tea and Vegemite toast. And he has visibly lost weight...I felt so sorry for him but couldn't resist a chuckle..
Back to the fishing - the one tuna was about 30kg. See our buddie Mark here, all proud..
Quite a mission to skin the thing and get it processed, but when we dug into the scrumptious thick tuna steaks the next evening, it was all worth it!
Gave some to the Woods, apparently it was some of the best sashimi they've had in years! No pain, no gain, they say, so Marius reckons he is ready for another trip ;-)