Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tahune Airwalk

We were blessed with glorious weather this Easter, as well as an additional holiday (on Tuesday). Decided to take the kids to experience the Tahune Airwalk - bridges suspended above a forest. It was stunning to walk along the upper parts of the trees and look down, but we were awestruck when we took the forest walk amongst the beautiful trees. Lush, green vegetation with mushrooms popping up around every corner. Wish I had a good camera!
We saw gigantic trees. Not as big as Californian Redwoods, but still massive. The one we saw is 87 metres high, it weighs more than 400 tonnes and has a diameter of more than 6 metres. Awesome!
This is not it, this is just a small example of what we saw - the big tree was too big to photograph properly in proportion..

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