Sunday, April 5, 2009


I promised to upload some pictures of our stopover in Sydney on our way to Tasmania. Leaving our family behind in Gauteng with great sadness, we were excited to depart on our new adventure. We hopped, skipped and jumped onto our Qantas flight, just to sit on the plane on Oliver Tambo airport for 4.5 hours in excruciating heat. What a disappointment! They were unable to switch on the plane so the flight attendants just took turns opening the doors at the front and the back of the Boeing 737. This, of course, made us miss our connecting flights to Hobart. With our misfortune turning into fortune, we were "forced" to stay over in Sydney. Yay! Our first day on Aussie soil was spent exploring the harbour and opera house area. We hopped on the subway and easily managed to navigate our way around. Sydney, like most of the other Aussie towns we have seen so far, is a very clean city. The passenger liner in the background is huge - we often see it floating past our house now on its way to Hobart harbour. The Sydney Opera House is one of the most interesting constructions ever. Bill Bryson provides a very entertaining account of it in his book "Down Under" (really worth a read). We simply HAD to have a coffee at one of the cofee shops on the harbour, but found it very difficult to swallow the price. The waitress wrapped us over the knuckles for ordering coffee for Kayla (Australian people are so proper, the aways focus on doing the right thing and a child should not have caffeine.) I did not have the energy to argue with her - our biological clocks were going haywire by then. Pity we only had a morning to spend in the city, but we'll be back!

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