Sunday, April 5, 2009

Our house

Blackmans Bay, where we live, reminds me of Herold's Bay. The houses here look very similar. Like Herold's Bay, it also has nice mountain views and is also 20 kms from town (although better in the sense that we have schools and shops around the corner this time around). The house we are renting is not fancy, but ideally situated - Kayla leaves for school at 08:55 each morning, through a small gate in our backyard, stepping right onto the school grounds. Ryno rides a bicycle to school. Anel mainly catches a bus around the corner from the house. The kids (even Kayla and her friends) often return home after dark, having spent time on the beach with their friends, or at the oval (sports grounds). The house has enough space for everybody, but it has NO heating at all and we are absolutely horrified of what we might have to deal with during the upcoming winter... These pictures were taken from our balcony.
If you look closely, you will notice two rainbows in the picture with boats floating in it (sorry, al cheepo camera is not doing it for me at all - pity I cannot capture what it actually looks like!) The picture was taken from our lounge. We see rainbows here very regularly, probably because the air is so clean.
You see the most interesting things floating on the sea. Wooden boats in full sail, passenger liners. After dark, the passenger liners quietly float past with all their lights on at night with their lights on (magnificent and magical!) Anel's bedroom has a nice sea view (see Lida, your talent went halfway around the world..)
You see quite a lot of old people here, often walking or running with very old dogs. Many of the people who live here have apparently been here for more than 30 years. We have been very happy here so far - it is a bit out of town but it takes us less than 2 minutes down to the beach. There are many unspoilt walkways here, and the streets are very quiet at night.
Carrying the Kayak down to the beach....
And, he launches it successfully (how could I have guessed, does he ever fail at anything?)

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  1. I think it is realy cool to kayak I haven't tried it but it looks fun